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  1. Hi, I was able to pear channel-discover and install symfony by following the CLI staps you had pointed out. after that I had to add W:\usr\local\php to the PATH variable to be able to run symfony. Now I am getting an 500 internal server error running my very first symfony project (from docs) ... but well, I think this is outside the scope of the Uniform Server Crew thank you again, now I'll need to troubleshoot this new issue Ciao Max
  2. I discovered a little more .... if I enter the command above with the server stopped, pear.bat is found, but fails because the install-dirs point at the virtual drive W: (which does not exist since the uniform server is stopped). if I try to run it with the server up, the bat file is not found (I run the commands from both the dir you specified above and from the one where the pear.bat is located) .... can anyone help me troubleshoot this? :-) thank you
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer , it seems I still need some help to get it sorted. I cd'ed as you directed me but I get the following error: "pear is not recognized as an internal or external command, an executable file or a batch file", so I cannot proceed with pear channel-discover. the pear install goes ok. it says to add a path to my include_path I do so, using the format specified, and restart the server, but it does no good. Ciao!
  4. Hi all, I have successfully installed the Uniform Server on my WinXP machine. Then I installed PEAR - I had the common fatal error regarding the PEAR class, which I fixed by upgrading the go_pear script as shown elsewhere on this forum. Now I want to try the symfony framework and tried to install it as directed here, using the pear channel-discover feature. so I opened a DOS shell and navigated to W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear , then entered the pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com unfortunately I got this strange error: W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear>pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com ""W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\"" isn't recognized as an internal or external command, an executable program or a batch file. I tried to use pear.bat as a name, to add the current directory to the Path variable, etc. and adding quotes to wrap the full command, but to no avail. what am I doing wrong? how can I use PEAR's channel manager? thanks in advance, Max
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