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    Stored procedures

    Great! It works just fine! And not that complicated at all! The only problem that i've noticed is that you can't run and test your created procedures in phpMyAdmin, because you get an MySQL error #1312 saying "PROCEDURE x.x can't return a result set in the given context". I've tried to find some simple solution to this but it seem a bit tricky. I found these sites for temporarily fixing phpMyAdmin to start working with these kinds of result sets: http://www.ratchinski.com/dev/mysql5/test.php.txt http://www.ratchinski.com/dev/mysql5/mysql.dbi.lib.php.txt But i used php instead when trying out my stored procedures and it works fine. IF you enable mysqli as discussed in the thread: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...3&hl=mysqli Thanks a lot Mike! I really appreciate it! /Christoffer NOTE: I've found out that, though MySQL now supports procedures and other VERY nice stuff when creating applications, MySQLs procedure handling isn't that easy and doesn't offer the same benifits as other database systems. BUT if you want to create good applications with for example different layers etc procedures are a good and sound way, so i really hope that MySQL makes procedures, triggers and views work more easily in future
  2. biolotov

    Stored procedures

    Hi, I am using the latest uniform server with MySQL 5.1 and want to use stored procedures in my databases. But when i try to execute CREATE PROCEDURE questions in phpMyAdmin's SQL window i get an error message saying that the table mysql.proc does not exist. That's true when i check the mysql database, but my question now is: are procedures not available in uniform server? I would really like to use the advantages with procedures (and maybe triggers also), can i do something to get it to work? Regards, Christoffer
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