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  1. Hi Ric, Thanks for the suggestions. I 'knew' that I didn't have Apache loaded as a service but thought I'd look anyway. I found that there WAS an Apache service registered on the system but it had been set to 'manual' startup, so wasn't actually running. It was then that I remembered that I'd toyed around with getting UniServer to run as a service a year or so ago and had failed miserably and set the services to manual to stop them running so that I could get UniServer to run properly. I guess I'd forgotten about that. Anyway, although I didn't expect it to make any difference, I set the startup for the Apache and MySQL services to 'disabled' and now 4.3 starts no problem! What I didn't realise was that 4.3 appears to be set up to run as a service by default, so I guess this is why it was failing: it was conflicting with the services already registered, as they were pointing at old versions of the software. So, problem solved - many thanks. Regards, Paul.
  2. I've been running 3.5 for quite some time now and thought I'd upgrade to 4.3 as some CMS software that I want to use appears to have compatibility issues with 3.5. So I downloaded 4.3 and installed it on my XP machine and it works fine. Having tested it out, I then downloaded 4.3 onto my main server (Vista Home Premium) and installed it alongside the 3.5 installation. I've ended the 3.5 server and rebooted the machine and then tried starting 4.3 only to get a string of errors: I've done nothing to the installation, just trying to run it 'out of the box'. My copy of 3.5 still starts and runs without any problems. Any ideas as to what might be wrong? Cheers, Paul.
  3. Hi Ric, How very strange: yesterday I found the new link and clicked on 'all files' but there was nothing there, but this morning they are! Oh well, at least they're there now. Thanks for your help. Paul.
  4. Hi guys, There are no files on Source Forge under Uniform Server! Did you know? Regards, Paul.
  5. Cheers Ric - that's great, thanks. Paul.
  6. I visited the forum the other week and was very pleased to see an announcement that a new version of UniformServer was out, and I've just returned to download it and now cannot see the announcement or the download. Did I miss something? Cheers, Paul.
  7. PdV

    php_imap.dll is missing

    Brilliant! Thanks Ric. I did have a scout around the PHP site looking for this very thing but always ended up at the Downloads page which only contained the latest version! Regards, Paul.
  8. PdV

    php_imap.dll is missing

    Hi gang, I'm running some software which needs php_imap.dll, so I've uncommented the line in the PHP.ini file, but I'm getting errors in the log saying that the php_imap.dl cannot be loaded. I've checked in the PHP folders, and it doesn't appear there. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this tht is compatible with the version of PHP running in Apollo? Many thanks, Paul.
  9. Perfect! It's easy when you know how! Thanks Ric.
  10. Well, I've been playing around with it, and I can get rotatelogs working if I use the line: CustomLog "|w:/usr/local/apache2/bin/rotatelogs.exe w:/usr/local/apache2/logs/access.%Y.%m.%d 86400" combined i.e. specify the explicit path. But this isn't really in-keeping with the spirit of Uniform Server, and I'd like to remove the explicit paths. Can someone tell me what I need to do to do this please? The Apache documentation seems to indicate that my original format should have worked, but it doesn't. Regards, Paul.
  11. I think this is a problem with Vista because I've had the same problems with other zipped software and copying large folders: Vista seems to crap out part way through. I had some software to install, and the unzipped size was about 450MB, and Vista refused to complete the extract, falling over about half way through. So I extracted it on another machine running XP and copied it to the Vista machine. I then found that I couldn't copy the new folder to the required place as, about half way through, it crapped out again. The only way I could find to get around this problem was to access the Vista machine from another machine running XP and do the copy from there. Trying to do the copy in Vista always resulted in an error. Good old MS, eh? Regards, Paul.
  12. Hi gang, I'm trying to get rotatelogs working so that I don't have to shut down the server in order to change the log files, but not having any success. I've tried the following: CustomLog "|bin/rotatelogs logs/access.%Y.%m.%d 86400" combined and CustomLog "|bin/rotatelogs.exe logs/access.%Y.%m.%d 86400" combined and CustomLog "|rotatelogs logs/access.%Y.%m.%d 86400" combined and CustomLog "|rotatelogs.exe logs/access.%Y.%m.%d 86400" combined as well as various logfile names, but nothing: the server refuses to start unless I comment this out and reinstate the previous CustomLog definition. Does anyone here know what I'm doing wrong? I'm using Apollo on Vista Home Premium. Many thanks, Paul.
  13. S'OK - found the problem! I had a script called test.pl which displayed a 'success!' type of message, so Perl is definately OK. Looked at the differences between that and the script I was trying to run and found that the first line was missing '/usr' from the path. Added that and it all works OK now. Thanks for your help guys. Paul.
  14. Thank Olajide, but I was hoping not to set it up as a service in case I wanted to move/rename the folders, hence trying to get it to start with a scheduled task. I'll keep looking to see if I can get it to work, but may end up using services anyway. Cheers, Paul.
  15. Hi there, Did that and I get a 500 - internal server error. Is it broke?
  16. Thanks Ric. I've added the line you gave and users now have access to the site, however it still doesn't take me to the shop when I type just /shop rather than /shop.php. Any ideas why this would be? I'm running US 3.5 Apollo and haven't made any changes other than userid/password and enabling curl. Many thanks, Paul.
  17. Hi gang, I've had a website developed for me which has a shop element to it. On the developers' server I access the shop using http://www.mainsite.com/shop but on my server I have to use http://www.mainsite.com/shop.php. I would rather use the former and my request to the developers has met with them giving me a .htaccess file to put in the root folder of my site. however whe I do noone has any access to any part of the site. I've complained to the developers but the reply I got was 'it works on our server'...and that's it! Needless to say I've got some issues brewing with the developers, but I won;t go into that now. Basically, can someone who knows lots more about this than me have a quick look at the .htaccess file they've provided and perhaps give me some pointers as to how to make it work on uniformserver, please? The contents of the file is: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)/(.*)$ $1.php?id=$2 [L,QSA] Cheers, Paul
  18. Hi gang, I've got my production server running Uniformserver, and it's working a treat - it's even sorted out a few long-standing issues I'd had with my cobbled-together setup of al of the products! I'm running US on Vista Home Premium and unfortunately, Vista's networking is a little flakey at times and occasionally I need to reboot the server several times in a row to get it to see the network again. Unfortunately, as US is not installed as a service (and I'd rather it wasn't for now) I cannot get it to start whenever the machine starts up. I've got it set as an option in the Startup folder which works fine when I log on, but I'd like to be able to reboot without then having to log onto my account just to get US up and running. I've tried setting up a scheduled task that starts when the machine starts up, but it always fails. I think it might be an authority issue of some sort but can't get my head aorund what to do to sort it. Anyone else here managed to get US to start on machine startup without it being a service? On Vista? Cheers guys, Paul.
  19. Er...what? Care to elaborate for the less tuned-in among us (i.e. me! )? What are these additional products you're using and what are they for? Are they easy to install/configure/uninstall? Cheers, Paul.
  20. Hi guys, I really don't know anything about perl, but I'm moving an old website over to US and it includes some links to perl scripts for click tracking etc., but they don't work. I've tried placing the perl scripts in a cgi-bin folder within the site's folder, one level above the folder and also in the cgi-bin in the w\ folder, but the scripts simply don't run like they used to when they were on another host. As an example, I have a table listing files that can be downloaded, with a counter that shows the number of downloads, and the html source is currently: <a href="../cgi-bin/track.pl?p=/downloads/vbrun300.dll">vbrun300.dll</a> <img src="../cgi-bin/img_counter2.pl?sc=/downloads/vbrun300.dll" width="32" height="16"> The two perl scripts track.pl and img_counter2.pl are the scripts I want invoked. Can you tell me what, if anything I need to change to get these working, please? Many thanks, Paul.
  21. Hi Ric, I downloaded the new go-pear.php file and ran it as you suggested. I now get the following: Starting installation ... Loading zlib: ok Downloading package: PEAR-stable......ok Downloading package: Archive_Tar-stable....ok Downloading package: Console_Getopt-stable.... Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go-pear.php on line 1083 Warning: unlink(W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear/temp/gop11.tmp\Console_Getopt-stable) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go-pear.php on line 1216 Warning: rmdir(W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear/temp/gop11.tmp) [function.rmdir]: Directory not empty in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go-pear.php on line 1223 I've tried a coupd of times now and it always keels over at the smae point. I upped the timeout from 30 to 300, but it still stops. Maybe it's the time of day? i.e. perhaps the server is very busy? I'll try again this evening to see if that makes any difference. Cheers, Paul.
  22. Cheers Ric, I'll give it a go and let you know what happens! Regards, Paul.
  23. Hi everyone, I've always like the concept behind PEAR and have tried several times in the past to install it, but have never had any success. There has always been an error of some sort during the installation, and I've never really been interested enough to spend hours digging to find the reasons behind the failures, and what forum topics I have uncovered on the subject tend to go way over my head. So, as there is a menu option within the server to install PEAR, and spurred on by the fact that pretty much everything included with the server seems to work without any tinkering under the bonnet, I optimistically took the option and attempted to install PEAR. Well, again, the installation fell over in a big heap with the following errors: Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php on line 89 Starting installation ... Loading zlib: ok Downloading package: PEAR-stable......ok Downloading package: Archive_Tar-stable....ok Downloading package: Console_Getopt-stable.... Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php on line 953 Warning: unlink(C:\DOCUME~1\valmep\LOCALS~1\Temp/gop6.tmp\Console_Getopt-stable) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php on line 1085 Warning: rmdir(C:\DOCUME~1\valmep\LOCALS~1\Temp/gop6.tmp) [function.rmdir]: Directory not empty in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php on line 1092 So, anyone ever get this darned thing to install without having to go to PHP and WebDev University? Regards, Paul.
  24. Ric's right - I think it is short-term memory, or perhaps people don't read it (I think I'm guilty of the latter). It's very easy to see the text box with the current password, and simply type in the new password and press Enter without even reading the instructions. May I make a suggestion here Olajide? After the password has been changed, it comes up with some text saying that the password has been changed: perhaps you could append 'Please restart the server for the change to take effect.' to the end of it, just to make sure? Cheers, Paul.
  25. S'ok, just seen the post under the MySQL sub-forum about this .
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