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  1. I like like to petition that Uniform server be added to the list of apps availiable at http://portableapps.com/apps XAMPP is on there already and I think there is room for UniformServer. I've had good luck just taking my uniform server setup with me and I run it from a thumb drive for guerrilla style roaming websites. For this reason I feel it should be submitted to portableapps.com Anyway. Back to bug busting. -Tom
  2. I was wondering if anyone has taken the steps necessary to make their UniformServer extra secure by making a limited user account in windows and running UniformServer from that account? I have some 'strange' idea that it is bad to run UniformServer from an account which has Administrator privileges. (I come from the land of UNIX) I have tried making an account named UNIFORMSERVER which belonges to the USER group and then part by part tried to configure the filesystem to allow it to run various things using the CALCS command prompt tool. No luck...and it's making me crazy. Please advise... -Tom
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