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    mySQL won't run

    Great news, I got it working! It seems all I had to do was forward the port on my router. I don't know exactly why I have to do that seeing as this web server thing is all local... Oh well, I don't really care as long as it worked. For anyone else having the same problem, just forward port 3306 to your machine. Gonzell
  2. Gonzell

    mySQL won't run

    I know MySQL is not running, thats the problem. I can't get it to run, no matter what I try. I tried using that Disk Start.vbs, but with no luck. MySQL is still not running and phpMyAdmin still gives me the same error. Why won't MySQL start? How can I get it to start? Gonzell
  3. Gonzell

    mySQL won't run

    Hokay, I've looked through the other post on people having this problem and I was not able to find a solution. When I click "Run MySQL" in the apanel, it says: However, when I click phpMyAdmin, I get this error: There are no LIBMYSQL.DLL files on my PC either (I seen that in some of the old posts) And when I try to run mysqlrun.bat from the Command Prompt, I get this error: Can someone please help me? Thank you, Gonzell
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