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  1. How do i change the name of the dns for the server? i dont want it saying my ip address! I use a no-ip.com address, and when i type it into the webserver config...it refuses to work...very strange...i tried to add :80 at the end of the domain, and that didnt work. Please can you tell me how to get a no-ip.com name to work with this server Uni Server 3.2 . This is more than urgent....i have been having a no end of problems with this server package...and i need it to run with my dns name which is obviously virtual through no-ip.com...please can someone help me asap.
  2. Hi I need some help here, i need to know what the password is, and how to change it on the server...it would be nice if you had a simple script to change it like xampp do. I need to know how to do this asap, as i need to run a php tracker...as each time the thing runs it refuses to connect to the database no doubt because its asking for the user name, of which as i said i dont know what it is.
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