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  1. Well I did a fresh install and I'm finally in to phpMyAdmin, but I'm wondering what potentially could be the downfall of not setting up usernames:passwords? I'm the only one using this machine, so I doubt it'd be a problem to leave it like it is "out of the box" but just wondering? I would feel better about setting my own username:password just to be completely safe, but like I said in my last post, I can't get it to work when I do that. Thanks
  2. I know this has been discussed before and I've read every post on this forum about it, but I still cannot figure out how to make it so I can connect into phpMyAdmin. I keep getting this message everytime I try to get into phpMyAdmin: I went into W:\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\config.inc.php file and changed "user" to deronsizemore (which I set up initially becuase of the "security checklist" in red that I kept seeing and still see by the way...so I don't know if it ever goes away or not?) and I changed my password to xxxxx from something that said "implode....."now my password looks like this in the config.inc file: 'xxxxx'; I click on phpMyAdmin and still same error message. So I then read that you are only suppose to change the password and not the "user" name. So I go back in and change the user from 'deronsizemore'; to 'root'; and again, same error message. What gives?????????????????
  3. Well I see that my Local Disk (W) only shows up when the server is started and running. I went in and changed all of the usernames and passwords it told me to "in red" and after a server restart, still it's telling me change these same username and passwords under my "security checklist". Does this ever go away, or is it just a reminder? I keep thinking I'm doing something wrong here. Also, while the server is running, can I just place my test site in the "W:" local disk, or do I need to place it in my "test server/uniform server/www/" directory on my "C:" drive?
  4. I downloaded the zip file and extracted it to a folder I made called "test server" on my C: drive. I get this message when I type in http://localhost in my web browser: So I'm headed to my "test server" folder to try and find these files and change what it tells me to, and then I notice that I've also now got a "Local Disk (W:)" under My Computer with the same exact folders/files that my "Test Server" folder has on the C: drive. So which one do I use here? I'm completely lost as to what is going on.
  5. Hi Ric, Thanks for your reply. Well, I at one time had Apache/PHP/MySQL installed on my home machine and at the time it was because I was interested in learning php/mysql to create dynamic websites. Well I came to the conclusion that I'm just not a programmer and gave that up and now I'm just using TextPattern CMS, but would like to try out Expression Engine, but don't want to do all the work setting it up on my host. It'd be easier for me to keep using TextPattern for what I'm doing and text out EE locally to see if I like it. I should have also specified that Uniform Server wont be going on the same machine that I originally had Apache/PHP/MySQL. I'm going to put it on my work laptop, so there shouldn't be any conflicts with that. Thanks for your help! :-)
  6. Hi, I recently was referred to uniform server as a solution to test some website locally on my windows based machine. Everything I've read and seen about Uniform Server seems to be great! At one time I had an Apache installed on my machine but found it a little confusing/overkill for what I wanted to do. I'm not doing any big time hosting or anything. Just would like to download a CMS and test it out locally. I'm just wondering what security issues I should be aware of with uniform server, if any? Like, once downloaded and installed on my machine, is their anything else I should do to lock it down to ensure my machine isn't hacked into? Thanks, Deron
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