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  1. Can uniform server run PostgreSQL? If the answer is yes, How should I setup it? Thanks so much Marcelo
  2. Marcelo

    X-CART 4.1.3

    Thanks a lot! I setup a new user name in my Phpadmin and works fine now. Thanks a lot!
  3. Marcelo

    X-CART 4.1.3

    My installation was 100%. The server is running fine but when I try to load x-cart (fresh install) in my local pc I got this message. Step 3: Preparing to install X-Cart database Fatal error: Can't connect to the MySQL server. Press 'BACK' button and check database info again. Please correct the error(s) before proceeding to the next step. I create a new database in phpMyAdmin, and I am using the same info to run x-cart. Any ideas why I am getting this message? And how can I fix it. Thanks so much!!!
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