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  1. Thanks, That helps. I hadn't thought of using a batch file and your code looks like it should work. Vista has the hosts file in the same place as XP Pro, so it should work for Vista, also.
  2. I have read the posts about setting up Virtual Hosts, and I have it going just fine. However, I want to be able to run my development sites from several different computers using my USB drive. As I understand the virtual hosts, the virtual sites need to be included in the computer's hosts file. The problem I'm having is that when I take my USB drive to another computer the Apache configuration file is set up OK, but the computer's hosts file doesn't have the mapping. Is there any way to make Virtual Hosts portable so that I don't have to make any changes to each computer I want to use? (i.e., editing the hosts file)
  3. What is the latest on the TomCat plug-in? The best I can find is information from a year ago. If the new plug-in isn't ready, is there a older plug-in or other way to install TomCat with the current Uniform Server? Thanks.
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