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  1. LOL np. I'll be Mr, Mrs, or Sir Dimwit if it helps me get this silly thing worked out! I will try that but I thtought you said blank text file? Perhaps you know the answer to my other two problems...my partner and I bought our php script for our site from a gentleman in Egypt. Of course we have to change it for our needs and I am able to get at all the pages for the test server except index.php When I try to view in browser on that one it comes up with an error unable to open with password yes????? And when I try to shut down apache it doesn't shut down unless I hit my puters reset button. I use the Start.Vbs and it flashes a blank dos page and then the start msql box and now it goes to a web page and everything but the virtual host works but it sure doesn't want to shut down......LOL must like it here. Again I am using windows 98SE I am on my laptop right now but I will go add that line to the text file and try it in a few minutes........ Thanks again Ms,Mr,Sir,Miss Dimwit
  2. Well that must not have been it, didn't work. File wasn't there so I created it but nothing happened. Also the server doesn't shut down unless I hit my puters restart button. Doesn't seem to matter how I shut it down, just doesn't shut down. Thanks though. "Ms. Dimwit"
  3. This is my first effort with servers period and HAVE to get this running so I can edit my company sites in php with Dreamweaver. However when I click on Admin Virtual Host to set up the test sites I get the following: Error in path to your hosts-file! Ok, call me a dimwit, I am when it comes to this stuff but as I said, I am determined to learn so can somebody help me with this please? I bow to the experts........... Teri Lynn
  4. Well now we're cookin with gas! You may be out orf your depth but YOU WERE RIGHT, I did that and now I don't get the error but the Start .vbs still doesn't open a browser any thoughts on that oh wise one? Thank You so much
  5. oh sorry I forgot I am running windows 98SE
  6. When I start Uniform Server with the Start.vbs it does come up with the drive choice window, w, then an open MYQL request, when I say yes I get the following error window and it does not open a browser i have to do that manually and type in the localhost/apanel error window says: Script Execution Error Line 27 column 0 Microsoft VBScript runtime error object doesn't support this property or method 'Wscript.sleep' I am completely new to this and just need it all for a test server for dreamweaver. I am getting nowhere fast. Somebody please help as I need this for work. Thanks in advance.............djsongbird
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