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  1. i use it as a test bed before i move things over to a linux (debian) box for further testing and development. production servers i use are also all linux-based.
  2. just say no to EXE-based distributions.. even the php4 plugin that is an exe, i extracted manually. a windows installer is not needed.. no registry dust, remember? a ZIP will do nicely and everybody's got it, although 'compressed folders' is really, really slow.. 7zip or izarc are much better, and free, alternatives. just make sure the root of the archive is a folder that has everything in it (like it is now). i hate it when i 'unzip here' and i get files all over the friggin place. i remember one upgrade of mambo and the root of the archive was NOT a folder and it extracted all over the top of my install (a live site), instead of into a folder like they normally do.. forced me into an upgrade i wasn't quite ready for... grrrr...
  3. kermit

    REFERER is not localhost

    i get that referer thing when i try to shut down from the 'admin page'.. doesn't really bother me cuz i can just use the bat instead. i dont get the error when start or stop mysql from the web page though.
  4. you should see my server logs... omfg, they're full of crap like that.. i dont care so much about those, that's what debian and apache are for. but the scumbags who work for the riaa and their web crawlers that disobey or ignore robots.txt, and hammer away at a site as fast as they can.. i have a nifty, slow-loading, little infinite bot trap black hole for them, and the worst ones get filtered at the firewall instead. am looking at a dynamic robots.txt though, i saw a site that has an example in perl, it's pretty sweet.. ahh, here it is.. a little outdated, but it gives me a place to start... http://www.leekillough.com/robots.html
  5. i don't have a sourceforge account. i just leech.. err, i mean download stuff from there. it's just something i whipped up cuz i needed it.. i saw another wamp installer that had one, so figured i'd share mine here. i claim no rights to it, she's all yours. you can do whatever you want with it..
  6. a 'quick and dirty' php version switcher for uniform server 3.2 and the php4 'plugin' for it, as downloaded 7 may 05. a friend needed an easy to install wamp installation with php4, so i made a little bat to switch php versions. it acts like a toggle and does check to make sure everything's where it's expected to be before it runs. the attached zip contains all the new files and modified httpd.conf. it maintains directory structure from uniform server's root (the parent directory of diskw), so be careful not to overwrite your httpd.conf if you've changed it yourself...... tested and works for me on winxp pro sp2.. however, as always, ymmv. basically you make a one line change to httpd.conf. it's line 288 for an unmodified file. (or use the included one if you've not made any changes to it). three new files get put into apache's conf directory. make sure loadphp.conf loads the correct version that you have in /usr/local/php. the other version of php needs to be named 'php4' or 'php5' (as appropriate). the batch goes in the parent directory of diskw. with uniform server shut down, just run the switchphp.bat file to switch which php version gets loaded. switchphp.zip
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