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  1. I am sure that its the ea games downloaded manger which gives problems with the server so before you use the server shut it down.
  2. you should also put limit 0,1 on you sql query to make sure it only brings out 1
  3. I will just have to use v3.2a untill a plugin comes out for mysql4 then. Update it was a problem with php since it has been updated.
  4. With V3.3 i get bugs which i did not get with v3.2 like my mysql class does not work any more.
  5. tryed craeting a 404.shtml and it does not load when i load a page which is not there.
  6. how would i config apache error settings?
  7. i mean when i try to use the function it does not work.all i get is a blank page when i should get a 404 document.
  8. madhouse

    HOWTO ~username ?

    how would you put a no-ip.com address over the username?
  9. any one no howe to get the function header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found"); to work?
  10. ok i will make a spearte install then.
  11. how do i upgrade phpmyadmin to the newist one?
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