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  1. You @Twinky, are expert level. lol
  2. We are hopefully working on rebuilding the UniController. Please bare with us for now. Thank You
  3. Hello Everyone, as we move on with development and trying to revamp and align things back, we are also trying to upgrade the Forums to the latest IP.Board version. All donations are welcome and the total cost is $200 for the Core and Forum Component. Please CLICK HERE to donate via PayPal. Thank You.
  4. Hello Everyone, we are looking for help with the team, Ric previously handled things while i went back to school and now in my Masters program but i have not being able to reach him lately; hopefully all is well with him and his family. Please if you have time or think you might be able to help, we could use the help. Even around the forums for those who want to help with just support. Redesign of the main website or anywhere you think your skills could be needed. The main area would be the controller, likely a redesign or re-engineering. We do not have the old code as it sat only on Ric's machine, so all hope is lost on that end unless we hear back from Ric, therefore, whoever sign up would have to be good enough to write the controller from scratch, even if its little by little. If you are interested in helping, please feel free to send me a private message. Thank You Ola.
  5. Hey Wizard, yes, support for 7.2 is going to happen.
  6. @display, maintaining a full project while trying to maintain a life sometimes gets difficult, Ric is likely going through the same as life hits us left and right randomly, we are always looking for more people to help and contribute and i think you would be a great fit to help out in the forum if you put your mind to it.
  7. @display, rather than talking why dont you sign up to help people on the forum? Throwing salt does no good either.
  8. Yes you can. If you are using for production, please make sure you fine tune your settings.
  9. Try and set the PHP execution time higher. Its in the php.ini file. max_execution_time = 60 That sets it for 60 seconds, but if it does not work with that, then there might be something else causing the issue.
  10. Thanks for the follow up. Sorry for the late response.
  11. @display, as said... http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=3234&do=findComment&comment=11928
  12. You could, just make sure you set it up for production.
  13. An updated version with a more recent stable PHP version should be released soon. Thanks for the notice.
  14. @display, there is no staff. The team right now only consist of Ric and me in the backend making sure the operations is running smoothly. We are always looking for help but remember this is a free project and open source at that. @teamayu, see, basically everything can be updated by you thats the ease of Uniform Server.
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