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*UNOFFICIAL* SMTP Proxy (to send mails from PHP and alike)

22 July 2009 - 10:46 PM

Sorry - cant fix the poll. just ignore it.

Provides a SMTP Proxy

This enables mail sending from PHP and Perl without a mail server.
(Does not do more then sendmail would. any sendmail wrapper for win could be used. php is configured to work without it)

just unpack into udrive\

udrive\home\admin\program\uniserv.exe udrive\plugins\freesmtp\localsrv.exe
to your server_start.bat or the one you use.

thats it. now use the mail() command in PHP.

download: http://bananaacid.de...mtpproxy_Plugin
Attached File  src.zip   458.9KB   375 downloads (1.0.0 - 2009.07.23 0529)

Note: this supports AVC (automatic version checking).

no general start file to start additional progs

22 July 2009 - 09:04 PM

Well, agin writing a US module, i realized, that there is no UNIFORM way of adding other progs that need to be run on server start. At least it appears to me like that.

there are currently 3 ways:
  • using the server_start.bat
  • the unicontroller.exe
  • and the usb_server_start.bat
but: i want to add my dyndns updater, my ftp server and mailserver. where should they be added by a config file to be always started with the server ???

see my problem?

i would prefer something like
HIDDEN \plugins\prog1\myexefile.exe -param1 | exitcommand.exe
USUAL \plugins\prog2\other.exe

that file would then be processed by any loading script(batch file - looping each line, splitting, calling with or without udrive\home\admin\program\uniserv.exe OR calling cli of php to do the task) or prog(unicontroller)

i think the best would be to have it generalized to make additions easier.

what do you think?

DLI - Multiple Languages Support

22 July 2009 - 08:21 PM

I really think, that it could help attract more users and help even more non english people.

Translations would be needed. Support is welcomed. You ony need to translate a string list.

you might check out my post about it:
Forum: *UNOFFICIAL* AdminPanel_language_upgrade_DLI_(Dynamic_Language_Interface)

Translates the admin panel, including the CGIs with no extra effort.
Allows any plugin coder to support languagefiles easily (functionallity is included automatically). set any string to translate into <?php l('this would be the string to translate'); ?>.

Would love to get some feedback

17 June 2009 - 06:38 PM

Did any1 try my plugins for uniform server?
would love to get some feedback about the ones tagged with *unofficial* in "./User Made plugins"

does any1 actually use them? found any bugs? any questions?

*UNOFFICIAL* Plugin Installer

07 June 2009 - 12:06 PM

Gets and installs the latest plugins / patches that are supported.

You check the plugins you wish to install, the webinstaller will dowload and install them into the uniserver installation you choose.

direct webinstaller link to latest version: webinstaller_uniserverplugins.exe

attachment: version 1.2.0: Attached File  webinstaller_uniserverplugins.exe   515.62KB   531 downloads

Supports so far: (is all multilingual)

- DLI (multi language support for Admin Panel and default components / cgis too)
- AVC (version checking of installed plugins)
- BADmin Panel (support for new themes, included is ThemeX + default Admin Panel. Allready installed APanel extentions and default ones are still available within the new menu.)

- Ba Webalizer (to suit APanel style, BADmin styleable in future)
- Support Chat Plugin (to join the IRC channel just by PHP+JavaScript within BADmin Panel)

Multilanguage installer, but the components list/readme are only in english. should still be understandable

Posted Image Version 1.2.0