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13.3.2-Zero XIII won't load images from Elementor templates

27 February 2017 - 01:13 AM

Hi Ric,


As the subject mentions, when I am using 13.3.2 with the default PHP 7.1.1 (and even when switched to the 5.6.30 module), the images that are included with the Elementor page builder templates are not loaded into the Media Manager as they are when using XAMPP (Win 10) or MAMP (Mac).


I did find out (by trial and error :)) that I had to enable the php_curl.dll in order to install any themes or plugins so started going through that list of PHP extensions to see if one would "click". No luck :(


Just to check it out, I tried doing the same thing using Zero 11.1.2 and all works as expected; the template is loaded along with the images, and the images are in the Media Library.


Any insights you may have on this will be greatly appreciated as I am quite active on both the Elementor and GeneratePress (theme) Facebook Groups where there often are discussions about the "best" local server and I would really like to chime in with Uniform Server, but this hiccup is a deal-breaker.