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HOWTO ~username ?

10 September 2005 - 10:54 AM


I'm using a default installation of Uniserver 3.2a under WinXP.

I'd like to create multiple user directories.

I thought I just have to create /user1/, /user2/,... under the /home/ directory of the server but I can't access them neither with http://localhost/~user1/ nor with http://localhost/home/user1/.

What do I have to do to configure such an arborescence ?

Thanks in advance...


03 September 2005 - 12:59 PM


- I'm using WinXP.
- I've downloaded and unzipped UniServer 3.2a. (d:\server\uniserver\)
- Using the adminstration interface, I launched the go-pear script.
- I've chosen not to installed the additional package and
- I've accepted the default installation parameters.
- Everything's fine (100% done) but the warning message:

"Warning: Go-PEAR was not able to determine the URL to the newly installed
Web Frontend of the PEAR Installer. Please access it manually. Since you
specified the prefix, you should know how to do so."

- I've checked the include_path variable in php.ini : it contains the path to PEAR.

- I wish to launch the PEAR Package Manager

- With my browser I've tried to open these files:
- http://localhost/W:/...l/Php/index.php => 403 FORBIDDEN
- file://localhost/W:/usr/local/Php/index.php => unprocessed index.php
- http://localhost/usr.../PEAR/index.php => 404 NOT FOUND
- http://localhost/index.php => NOT FOUND
- I thought the server might need a stop/start:
- I've tried the same files but nothing changed

- What did I do wrong?
- What do I have to do?

Many thanks in advance!