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Basic Apache Configuration

28 November 2014 - 05:43 AM

Currently I run a production server on xampp with no real problems.  I ran into a thread that mentioned your software so I wanted to see if I could use it as a usb alternative. That said, I am having difficulty getting uzoro to connect my site to the wan.


My Setup:

I have a fqdn and a port 81 noip redirect with noip.


In Basic Apache Config (BAC) I have added my registered domain name to Server name.

I have also installed wordpress into the www folder, created the database and WP install. 

This allows me to login as www.mydomain-name.com through localhost.


I need to connect through port 81 so I change the listen port in BAC to 81 and when I do this I lose connection with the site altogether.


It appears that when I change the Apache listen port to 81, I see that uzoro appends the port# :81 to the url and it looks like this: www.my-domain.com:81   Now since my url already has a port 81 redirect silently added by noip I believe this causes the dns to see this as www.my-domain.com:81:81


I'm not having any luck finding what I'm doing wrong with this setup.

Can someone give me a little guidence as to what I am missing or doing wrong here?


Thanks for any assistance,