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PHP cURL not running when installed as a Service

12 September 2017 - 07:21 PM


I'm running UniServer Zero XIII 13.3.2 with PHP 5.6.30 to run an old Moodle 2.7 site.


Moodle 2.7 requires php_curl (among other extensions) which I can configure in UniServer and when I run the Moodle site, the Site Administration > Server > Environment confirms that all required php extensions (including curl) are all OK.


I then stop the Apache and MySQL servers in UniServer Zero and install and run both as a service using UniService.exe (UniService XIII 2.2.0).  

Everything installs, Moodle runs but the same environment check says:



php_extension curl must be installed and enabled

The cURL PHP extension is now required by Moodle, in order to communicate with Moodle repositories.


(see image)


All other extensions are OK. 

When I stop/uninstall and the launch services via UnIController.exe, everything is okay again.


I've ran the UnIService "Apache service test" but no errors were highlighted.  Can anyone advise on what I should do to fix this?