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28 November 2017 - 06:46 AM



I'm currently working on a php development tool which is build in lazarus. I found out that the controllertool was build in lazarus, at least version xi was as it was distributed with the source code.


I would like to be able to access some functions from this tool, be able to start/stop the webserver and database and change php versions on the fly.


There are a few options, I can try to replicate the functions and embed it in the tool I'm developing; I can apply a service layer on the tool so I can control it from outside (with synapse that's not too hard); I could change code so that you can start the controller more-than-once, but if it's already running only parameters can be set and the app will close).


Question is, what is the licence model of the controller as I could not find anything about it, is the source of the recent controller available, would the community be helped if I added a service layer (and return that to the community).


b.r Albert