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17 May 2010 - 11:19 AM

Sorry all. I had a brain-fart and these steps are incorrect. When installing mod_aspdotnet-, several required files are installed in the %windir%. By Uninstalling the mod from add/remove, these files are of course removed and you will receive Apache Error:

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  • RunTime Error!
  • Program: .....Apache.exe
  • This application as requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
  • Please contact the application's supoprt team for more information.
  • Assuming %top% is the root of your installation folder containing the Start.exe
  • Download and extract mod_asp.zip to %top%\mod_asp
  • Run %top%\mod_asp\Install.bat
  • %top%\mod_asp\Uninstall.bat will undo the previous leaving no trace on PC.

In Topic: HOW-TO: ASP DOT NET Module for UniServer Nano 5.6.5

13 May 2010 - 03:22 PM

ADDITION to %top%/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf

LoadModule aspdotnet_module "modules/mod_aspdotnet.so"
AddHandler asp.net asax ascx ashx asmx aspx axd config cs csproj licx rem resources resx soap vb vbproj vsdisco webinfo
<IfModule mod_aspdotnet.cpp> 
  # Mount the ASP.NET /asp application
  AspNetMount /asp "%top%/www/asp"
  #/SampleASP is the alias name for asp.net to execute
  #"c:/SampleASP" is the actual execution of files/folders  in that location

  # Map all requests for /asp to the application files
  Alias /asp "%top%/www/asp"
  #maps /SampleASP request to "c:/SampleASP"
  #now to get to the /SampleASP type http://localhost/SampleASP
  #It'll redirect http://localhost/SampleASP to "c:/SampleASP"

  # Allow asp.net scripts to be executed in the /SampleASP example
  <Directory "%top%/www/asp">
	Options FollowSymlinks ExecCGI
	Order allow,deny
	Allow from all
	DirectoryIndex index.htm index.aspx
   #default the index page to .htm and .aspx

  # For all virtual ASP.NET webs, we need the aspnet_client files
  # to serve the client-side helper scripts.
  AliasMatch /aspnet_client/system_web/(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)/(.*) "C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v$1.$2.$3/ASP.NETClientFiles/$4"
  <Directory "C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v*/ASP.NETClientFiles">
	Options FollowSymlinks
	Order allow,deny
	Allow from all

Dim I ' declare our loop index variable

' Start the loop telling it to loop from 1 to 5 incrementing
' I by one (which is the default) on each pass.
' ie. this would have done the same thing:
' For I = 1 To 5

For I = 1 To 5 Step 1
	' Output our HTML and text using the value of I as
	' the FONT TAG's SIZE attribute.
	<FONT SIZE="<%= I %>">Hello World</FONT><BR>
Next ' Bounce back to the top of the loop