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  8. Ok.. This has been something that I have been thinking about implementing into UniformServer for some time now. I just have not time to do the research work to implement it, after I took over the UniformServer maintenance. Can you please DM me so that we can work together and implement the Let's Encrypt SSL certs into UniformServer. Thanks
  9. sudeepjd

    Update PHP

    If you copied the files over from the php website then there are a few more updates needed to be made. Rename the ext directory to extensions Copy over the php-developement.ini, php-production.ini and php-test.ini files from the old installation to the new one. These 2 changes should get you running, if not, post the problem that you have and I can try and help.
  10. Adminer does not come with the default version of UniformServer. PhpMyAdmin does.. You can remove PhpMyAdmin by deleting the us_opt1 folder in the home directory without any adverse affects.
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  21. I have multiple diagnosed mental health issues and disabilities. Primarily being serious Agoraphobia, Autism (Asperger's), and very severe panic disorder (which comes with a handful of built in other comorbidities like paranoia, OCD, and a slew of personality disorders) and some half-diagnosed other things that are sort of stuck in a mid-diagnosis that hasn't finished because I haven't continued seeing anyone the last few years that I won't get into and are just as/more serious which is why they were taking longer to fully diagnose). I was born with all my issues but they're made dramatically worse on the emotional side because I still had something resembling a normal life until college-age - especially in regards to the agoraphobia and the panic disorder, but also with the rest getting much worse around then. Which means I'm not just some retarded person who knows no better; I've gotten to live a normalish life and I know everything I'm missing out on and the future I could have had. The better more healthy relationships, the friendships that actually work, going out for a walk, working, playing sports, being popular, being able to communicate on any level with others irl, being able to just fucking go outside or in my own kitchen without a problem and not being constantly terrified of every little thing and overwhelmed by fear constantly. As for how I deal; I just do. No therapy, no psychiatrist, no psychologist. When I saw a therapist they just whined about their family life and were pretty open about having no idea how to help with my issues. Psychiatrists are entirely about drug prescribing rather than caring about the patient, they just give you meds and say it'll fix it. It doesn't fix it, in my case it even made me so much worse that it was very dangerous, I tried multiple meds and gave them ample time and every time it was disastrous and risky and made me feel far worse in several ways and gave NO benefit. Psychologists, I wouldn't mind seeing one again, but they don't really help either. They're just more of a "at least I speak to a human being in person once a week" type of "help" rather than anything they say helping. All the psychiatrists and psychologists I've seen have also agreed my issues are beyond fixing and even beyond mitigating them to make the symptoms less severe. Being told I'm beyond help didn't really, you know, help. So for the time being I just cope by coping. I've never done drugs or drank alcohol so I still have all my built in coping mechanisms at good strength. Besides, I'm too overwhelmed by the agoraphobia and panic disorder constantly to be able to deal with coping.
  22. Do you have any health problems? If so, how have you deal with them? You don't have to share all of them, just the ones you're comfortable sharing. I've been plagued by mental health problems for much of my life, especially the last two years. Here's some I have or suspect I have: -ADHD (diagnosed) -Social phobia/anxiety (diagnosed) -Obsessive compulsive personality disorder (not diagnosed, but suspected by a therapist) -Anxiety (not formally diagnosed, but informally diagnosed by a therapist) -Autism (suspected by me) -Narcissism (suspected by me) -Psychologically-induced erectile dysfunction (suspected by me) I haven't seen a therapist for about year, but I have a few coping strategies, the main ones being mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation.
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  24. edit index.php it would be the great suggestion Testo Prime
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