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  2. Sudeep, It does appear that I do have the Visual C++ Redistributable file installed. Please see the attached JPEG image from my Control Panel. Len
  3. Since it is a new laptop, one of the pre-requisites for UniformServer is the Visual C++ Redistributable which may not have been installed as the laptop is new.. PHP depends on it to run. On your older systems you may have installed it or it would have got installed automatically from some other non-related software installs. You can get the Visual C++ Redistributables from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads Even though you system is a 64 bit, Uniform server uses the 32 bit version of PHP and MySQL, so you will need to get the vc_redist.x86.exe file. If you are still facing the same problem after the installation of the Visual C++ Redistributable, please do let me know and I can see what else could be wrong. Thanks. P.S.: This is documented in the MUST_READ.txt file in the UniformServer installation path.
  4. Sorry to show my ignorance -- what is VC Runtime 32bit? My laptop is a 64-bit computer. Len Jacobson
  5. Is VC Runtime 32bit installed? Sometimes that gives a problem if it is not.
  6. NEW INFORMATION -- Two New Bits of Information On my old laptop, I had been using UniServerZ 12.2.0. I installed that version on the new laptop and it exhibited the very same problem -- 'phpMyAdmn" won't display nicely formatted. So the issue is not due to something in the newest version of UniServerZ. My new laptop runs Windows 10 Pro, whereas the old laptop ran Windows 10 Home. So I installed the newest version of UniServerZ onto my desktop computer, which is running Windows 10 Pro. That installation of UniServerZ works fine. So the issue is not due to Windows 10 Home vs. Windows 10 Pro For security, I am running Windows Defender Firewall. No other security program. Any suggestions? Len Jacobson
  7. On my old laptop, I had been using UniServerZ 12.2.0. I installed that version on the new laptop and it exhibited the very same problem -- 'phpMyAdmn" won't display nicely formatted. So the problem has got to be caused by my new computer. The one big difference between the two laptops is that old laptop was operating Windows 10 Home and the new one is running Windows 10 Pro. Could that be the cause of the problem? Len Jacobson
  8. I have used UniServer for several years. I just bought a new laptop and am trying unsuccessfully to install the newest version of UniServer -- 14.0.2. After installation, the following pages display properly: localhost Server Console MySQL Console But clicking on phpMyAdmin button causes a display of unformatted PHP code: get(Response::class); /** @var DatabaseInterface $dbi */ $dbi = $containerBuilder->get(DatabaseInterface::class); /** @var HomeController $controller */ $controller = $containerBuilder->get(HomeController::class); if (isset($_REQUEST['ajax_request']) && ! empty($_REQUEST['access_time'])) { exit; } if (isset($_POST['set_theme'])) { $controller->setTheme([ 'set_theme' => $_POST['set_theme'], ]); header('Location: index.php' . Url::getCommonRaw()); } elseif (isset($_POST['collation_connection'])) { $controller->setCollationConnection([ 'collation_connection' => $_POST['collation_connection'], ]); header('Location: index.php' . Url::getCommonRaw()); } elseif (! empty($_REQUEST['db'])) { // See FAQ 1.34 $page = null; if (! empty($_REQUEST['table'])) { $page = Util::getScriptNameForOption( $GLOBALS['cfg']['DefaultTabTable'], 'table' ); } else { $page = Util::getScriptNameForOption( $GLOBALS['cfg']['DefaultTabDatabase'], 'database' ); } include ROOT_PATH . $page; } elseif ($response->isAjax() && ! empty($_REQUEST['recent_table'])) { $response->addJSON($controller->reloadRecentTablesList()); } elseif ($GLOBALS['PMA_Config']->isGitRevision() && isset($_REQUEST['git_revision']) && $response->isAjax() ) { $response->addHTML($controller->gitRevision()); } else { // Handles some variables that may have been sent by the calling script $GLOBALS['db'] = ''; $GLOBALS['table'] = ''; $show_query = '1'; if ($server > 0) { include ROOT_PATH . 'libraries/server_common.inc.php'; } $response->addHTML($controller->index()); } I have tried reinstalling UniServer, but it didn't help. I have never encountered this problem before and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks much. Len Jacobson
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  11. In my case, i may have applications as NetStat or WYSIWYG software (like TCPView), etc, telling me that the server is indeed started and listening on the port number 3306, i come to the conclusion, that as long as a Telnet cmd (on localhost:3306, or on does not respond i.e. does not communicate, then the socket may have been created but really in a "unstable" way, therefore unusable.
  12. ==> run msconfig.exe and uncheck the service in its "Startup" tab, or go to the services console and put the service in "manual start" mode. In short, if necessary, rather write a script to launch the firewall, instead of a script that stops it after it starts automatically.
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  16. Hello, I'm new to Uniserver and as you can see in the attached image I try to do any configuration within the program and I get the options disabled What do I have to do to activate them and be able to configure them? Thank you
  17. You are right.. The add-on has been removed by the author.. I will update this in the next release. For more information on http/2 you can check out https://icing.github.io/mod_h2/howto.html
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  20. Please read the attached file which belongs to the installation of UniformServer and points out: ------- Install ------- 1 Start UniController 2 Create a server certificate: From UniController: Apache > Apache SSL > click "Server Certificate and Key generator" Server Certificate and Key generator form opens click "Generate" button A confirmation pop-up displayed, click OK button 3 From UniController enable module: Apache > Edit Basic and Modules > click "Apache Modules Enable/Disable" Apache Modules Enable/Disable form opens. Navigate to entry "http2_module" and click check box to the left of it. Close form, click cross top right. 4 Firefox download and install the following Firefox plugin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/spdy-indicator/ Then, if this is not the forum of the http2_read_me.txt then ??? Thanks in advance, Octavio. http2_read_me.txt
  21. ahh totally lost here, this is Uniform Server forums not Firefox.
  22. In the readme file appears: Firefox download and install the following Firefox plugin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/spdy-indicator/ But firefox reports that this addon does not exist. What should I do ?. Thanks in advance, Octavoo.
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  24. I solved this. I changed several things and I'm not sure what helped, but I'm pretty sure it was the Windows firewall causing the problem. I gave access to the internet and it worked.
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  26. I'm running an old version because I need PHP 5.2 on my system. Localhost isn't working because Version 5.2-Nano uses port 80, and that conflicts with my Windows 10 installation. I tried editing httpd.conf and that seemed to help (I saw something that said "Apache" briefly), but it's still not loading localhost. I don't have the adminstration tool used with later versions. So how do I change the port number?
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